Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Filter Adapter Kit 1/4"

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    • Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Filter Adapter Kit 1/4"

      This Refrigerator Ice Maker Water Filter Adapter Kit allows you to enjoy filtered water to your refrigerator and ice maker, too. Our adapter kit hooks up quickly. Connect the kit with as few as 2 connections in just minutes.

        Kit includes:

      • (1) 15 foot length of 1/4" tubing
      • (1) 1/4" x 1/4" x 1/4" quick connect Tee
      • (1) 1/4" x 1/4" union
      • (1) 1/4'' inline ball valve
      • (1) tubing cutter

      Installation Instructions:

      Step 1: Locate the tube that runs from your water filter system to the separate faucet and place a large bowl under the tube.
      Step 2: Shut off the cold water.
      Step 3: About 5'' to 10'' above where the tube comes out of your water filter, cut the tube and let water drain into the bowl.
      Step 4: Take the 1/4'' T-Fitting and slide one of the 2 ends that are aligned (NOT the T that sticks out from the side). Push the tube in twice (it usually goes in another 1/2'' or so after a 2nd push) until it will go in no further. Give it a gentle tug to ensure that it is secure.
      Step 5: Secure the other side with the other end of the cut tube that goes to your faucet.
      Step 6: Take the 15' of tubing and connect into the T portion of the valve. Give it a tug to make sure it is secure.
      Step 7: About 5'' to 10'' down the 15' tube, cut it and connect the inline shutoff (ball) valve making sure all connections are secure so you have no leaks. This valve will allow you to shut off the water to your icemaker / refrigerator should you need to for any reason in the future, like during water filter system changes.
      Step 8: Connect the remaining end of the 15' tubing to your refrigerator / ice maker.

      NOTE: When you change the filters in your water filter system, be sure to shut off the inline valve until you have thoroughly flushed the new filters in your system. Not shutting this off will result in gray water or ice cubes until the carbon filters clear out of your system thoroughly.
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