Rainshow'r Bath-3000 Crystal Ball Bath Filter

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    • Rainshow'r Bath-3000 Crystal Ball Bath Filter

      The Rainshow'r Bath-3000 Crystal Ball dechlorinates your water by placing it into the tub and pulling it through the water with the attached 12-inch cord for 5 to 7 minutes or longer. As the bath water flows through the filter the KDF-55 media causes the chlorine to form a harmless chloride. The chlorine is converted from an element into a harmless compound.

      Rainshow’r Bath-3000 Crystal Ball Bath Filter
      • Removes up to 100% of free chlorine
      • Filter Media: KDF-55
      • Replaceable filter good for up to 200 baths
      • Just circulate in bath water; no installation
      • Non-toxic; safe for infants, adults and pets

      Benefits of using the Bath-3000:

      • Healthier, younger looking skin
      • Improved lathering and sudsing
      • Relief from dry skin
  1. Rainshow'r Bath-3000 Crystal Ball Bath Filter Specifications:

    • Filter Media: KDF-55
    • Filter Life: 200 baths or 1 year
    • Contaminants Removed: chlorine

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