Refrigerator Water Filter Replacement Cartridges

Most refrigerators contain filter systems for ice and direct dispensing of water. Refrigerator filters are typically either carbon block, or granular activated carbon, and are designed for chlorine removal and taste/odor polishing. Consult your refrigerator’s owner’s manual to obtain filter type and installation instructions, as type and installation will vary among different refrigerator models.

The advantages of refrigerator water filters:

  • Filter typically lasts up to 6 months
  • Reduces chlorine, bad taste, bad odors, and other contaminants
  • Provides great tasting water with no waiting
  • Longer filter life

More About Replacement Water Filters For Your Refrigerator

Replacement refrigerator water filters can be easily inserted into an existing water line that feeds the ice maker on your refrigerator so you don't have to haul it out from the wall to change the filters any more.

An inline water filter (aka refrigerator filter) is easily accessible from under your sink. They come with quick connect fittings so all you need to do is turn off the cold water, cut the existing water line, grab the inline filter, push either end into the inline filter and start enjoying filtered water once again! It really is that easy.

eFilterWater offers inline water filters in activated carbon (good), carbon block (better) and carbon block with lead removal (best). Some companies offer you sediment filters for inline filter use. Unless you have lots of dirt and sand in your water, a sediment filter will not help much. You need an inline water filter that does something for the taste of your water and that removes things other than the largest particles. Save your money and get an inline filter that will really help.

An inline water filter is easy to replace, too. Since it's mounted under the sink where it is easily accessible. Simply press in the collar around the end of the existing inline filter where the tubing is connected and slide it out. Replace with the new inline filter and you're good to go.

Don't forget about the Auto Refresh replacement filter program where your inline filter is delivered to your door at the manufacturer recommended interval, making the entire process even easier! No remembering!!

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