Faucet Water Filter Systems

Faucet Mount
Faucet mount systems are water filtration systems that will easily attached to your kitchen faucet for immediate water filtration. A wide variety of contaminant removal is available, depending on whether you choose carbon filtration (chlorine, taste and odor) or reverse osmosis. The advantages of a faucet mount system:
  • Easily installed and removed
  • More filtration choices
  • No permanent plumbing changes needed
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    • Culligan 158474 FM-15A Faucet Filter Level 3 Cyst Lead
    • Culligan 158474 FM-15A Faucet Filter Level 3 Cyst Lead

      Part Number: 158474
      • Reduces >99.9% of cysts
      • Reduces >99% of lead
      • Reduces sediment, chlorine, taste and odor
      • Attaches easily to the faucet with no tools required
      • Flow Rate: 0.6 gpm
      • Filter Capacity: 200 gallons or 2 months
      • Tested and certified to NSF/ANSI Standard 42 and 53
      • Includes white filter mount unit, 1 carbon block filter and faucet adapters

More About Water Filter Systems for Faucets

Much like counter top or sink filters, faucet filter systems are easy to install directly on your faucet and very simple to use.

But, unlike their alternatives, a faucet filter does not use tubing and does not take up counter space, making it a great solution for small kitchens and apartments.

A faucet filter attaches directly to your faucet, giving you easy access to fresh water via a separate nozzle. Although they can appear a little bulky at first, the convenience of a faucet filter far outweighs its appearance. And, in most cases, manufacturers have designed faucet water filters to blend in with existing sink hardware.

These simple faucet filter systems usually require that you turn on your faucet first, then engage the filter either by turning a switch or twisting a part of the attachment. Once you've engaged the faucet filter, water is redirected from the faucet through the filter and out a separate nozzle that in no way interferes with regular sink use.

There are a few down sides, however. The small compact size and simple nature of a faucet filter means that a faucet filter generally won't purify water quite as well as more robust filters or a reverse osmosis system. And you'll have to change the carbon filters more frequently than with countertop water filter units. But, much like pitcher filters, a faucet filter can be an inexpensive and easy way to get great clean tasting water without messy installation or sacrificing valuable counter space.