AquaCera Ecofast Aquametix Replacement Cartridge

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    • AquaCera Ecofast Aquametix Replacement Cartridge

      The AquaCera EcoFast Aquametix Replacement Cartridge is an environmentally friendly water filter. The EcoFast system offers the value of quarter-turn filter cartridge removal and an automatic shut-off valve inside the head of the system. The ability to remove the filter from the housing makes the Ecofast unique and reduces the amount of waste compared to other quick change filters.

      • Fluoride, heavy metals and chloramines are reduced
      • Micron Rating: 0.5 micron
      • Filter Capacity: 
      • 500 gallons for fluoride and heavy metals
      • 250 gallons for chloramines (based on 2 ppm challenge)

  1. AquaCera Ecofast Aquametix Replacement Cartridge Specifications:

    • Filter application: Arsenic, Chloramine, Fluoride, Lead, Mercury
    • Micron Rating (nominal): .5 µm
    • Manufacturer: AquaCera
    • Capacity: 500 gallons
    • Chloramine Reduction: 250 gallons
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