AquaCera Gravity Water Filter System Ceragrav LP-5

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    • AquaCera Gravity Water Filter System Ceragrav LP-5

      The Pour Through Gravity Water Filter System from AquaCera is compact, potable and simple to operate. Requires no electricity, and no external plumbing which makes it perfect for Emergency Disaster Preparedness, Apartments, Boats, RV's cottages and travel.

      • Includes TWO 7" Cerasyl Plus ceramic candles
      • Manufactured from BPA Free, Natural High Density Polypropylene
      • Lightweight, portable, durable and virtually indestructible
      • Compatible with  up to 5 ceramic candle filter elements
      • Holes that are not in use are filled with removable rubber plugs
      • 7 gallon total storage (3.5 upper and 3.5 lower)
      • Filters can be cleaned up to 100 times
      • Used by many of the world's leading relief organizations including the US Military, Red Cross, and Unicef
      • Fluoride & Heavy Metal Reduction Add-On Filter Available

      The AquaCera CeraGrav LP-5 Gravity Filter System is sold with two 7" Cerasyl Plus (W9511201) ceramic candles, but can also be used with 10" Cerasyl Plus (W9511304) ceramic elements.

      • Slimline 2"x7" Cerasyl Plus candles - 10 gpd for each filter candle
      • Slimline 2"x10" Cerasyl Plus candles - 11 gpd for each filter candle 

      What the Ceramic Candle filter will remove:

      • Pathogenic bacteria (cholera, typhoid, salmonella, E coli, etc.
      • Giardia, Cryptosporidium, and other parasites
      • All types of particle contamination down to 0.5 micron

  1. AquaCera Gravity Water Filter System Ceragrav LP-5 Specifications:

    • Applications: Drinking Water System
    • Contaminants Reduced: Bacteria, Bacteriostat Agent, Bad Odors, Bad Taste, Chlorine, Cysts, Sediment, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC)
    • Media Type: Ceramic/ GAC
    • Housing Materials: High Density Polypropylene
    • Dimensions: 28-9/16" H x 11-1/4" W x 11-1/4" D
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