Tank Pressure Gauge 0-20 psi

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    • Tank Pressure Gauge 0-20 psi

      Over time, the bladder of your reverse osmosis storage tank will lose some air pressure. This will negatively affect the flow rate and operation or your system. Using a Tank Pressure Gauge to monitor the air pressure in your RO tank is an important part of your preventative maintenance.

      • Measures from 0 to 20 psi
      • Measures in 1/2 psi increments
      • Pen style with pocket clip

      How to use the Tank Pressure Gauge to test your RO tank:

      1. Turn the water supply OFF. 
      2. Remove air valve cap from the tank
      3. Drain RO Tank completely. It may be necessary to add air to tank to drain completely. 
      4. Test tank pressure with the tank pressure gauge
      5. If the gauge reads below 7 psi, add air to the tank using a bicycle pump or other suitable pump. 

      If water remains in the tank after air is pumped into the air valve, the diaphragm or bladder is likely damaged. In this case the entire tank (or replaceable bladder, if applicable) needs to be replaced

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