Swift Green SGF-DSB30 Compatible DA29-00003B Refrigerator Filter 6 Pack

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    • Swift Green SGF-DSB30 Compatible DA29-00003B Refrigerator Filter 6 Pack

      To ensure that your Samsung DA29-00003B compatible refrigerator filter is operating at its best and reducing harmful contaminants, please change the Samsung DA29-00003B filter every 6 months.

      • Includes 6 of the SGF-DSB30 filters
      • Reduces sediment and chlorine taste and odor
      • Reduces cysts, giardia, cryptosporidium, and lead
      • Certified by WQA to NSF Standard 42
      • Replace every 6 months

      The Samsung DA29-00003B Compatible Refrigerator Water Filter replaces these filter part numbers:

      Samsung Refrigerator Filters

      DA29-00003G, DA29-00003B, DA29-00003A, DA29-00003, DA2900003, DA29-0003B, DA29-00003A, DA29-00003A, HAFCU1, HAFCU1/XAA, DA61-00159, DA61-159, DA97-06317A, DA29-00003, DA29-00003A-B, DA2900003AB, DA2900003G, DA2900003A, DA2900003B, DA61-00159, DA6100159, DA6100159A, DA61-00159A, DA6100159AB, DA61-00159A-B, HAFIN2/EXP, TADA2900003A, TADA29-00003A, TADA2900003B, TADA29-00003B, WF289, WSS-1 

      Aqua Fresh Refrigerator Filters


      Water Sentinel Refrigerator Filters


      The Swift Green SGF-DSB30 Refrigerator Water Filter can be used in the following refrigerator models:

      RB215BSBB, RB215BSSB, RF265AAWP, RH269LBSH, RS2520SW, RS2530BSH, RS2530BWP, RS2533SW, RS2533VQ, RS2534BB, RS2534VQ, RS2534WW, RS253BABB, RS253BASB, RS253BAVQ, RS253BAWW, RS2544SL, RS2545SH, RS2555BB, RS2555SL, RS2555SW, RS2556BB, RS2556SH, RS2556SW, RS2556WW, RS255BASB, RS255BAWW, RS2577BB, RS2577SL, RS2577SW, RS2578BB, RS2578SH, RS2578WW, RS257BARB, RS2621SH, RS2621SW, RS2622SW, RS2623BB, RS2623SL, RS2623VQ, RS2623WW, RS2624WW, RS2630SH, RS2630SW, RS2630WW, RS2644SL, RS2644SW, RS265LABP, RS265LBBP, RS2666SL, RS267LABP, RS267LASH, RS269LARS 

  1. Swift Green SGF-DSB30 Compatible DA29-00003B Refrigerator Filter 6 Pack Specifications:

    • Filter Capacity: 300 gallons or 6 months
    • Filter Application: Sediment/Dirt/Rust, Chlorine Taste and Odor, Cyst, Lead, Mercury
    • Filter Media: Coconut Shell Carbon Block
    • Certification: Tested and Certified by WQA according to NSF/ANSI Standard 42
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