Swift Green SGF-M07 Compatible Maytag UKF7003 Refrigerator Filter

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    • Swift Green SGF-M07 Compatible Maytag UKF7003 Puriclean Refrigerator Water Filter

      The Swift Green SGF-M07 replacement refrigerator FILTER 7 reduces chlorine taste and odor, cyst, lead, and mercury, while retaining beneficial flouride in your water. The SGF-M07 is WQA Certified and needs to be replaced every 6 months to maintain clean, safe drinking water.

      • Reduces Sediment, Chlorine Taste & Odor
      • Reduces Cyst, Lead, & Mercury
      • Certified by WQA to NSF Standard 42 and 53

      Aqua Fresh


      UKF7003AXX, UKF7003AXXP, UKF7002AXX, UKF7002, 7002, UKF7001AXX, UKF7001, 7001, UKF6001AXX, UKF6001, 6001, UKF5001AXX, UKF5001, 5001, 4609910000
  1. Swift Green SGF-M07 Compatible Maytag UKF7003 Refrigerator Filter Specifications:

    • Filter applications: chlorine taste & odor, herbicides, lead, mercury, particulates, pesticides, sediment/dirt/rust, turbidity, cyst, lead
    • Operating pressure: 30-100 psi
    • Flow rate: .5 gpm
    • Temperature rating: 33-100┬░ F
    • Capacity: 375 gallons
    • Change frequency: 6 months  
    • Certified: WQA Certified to NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53
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