AquaCera OBE 10" Imperial CeraUltra Ceramic Filter

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    • AquaCera OBE 10" Imperial CeraUltra Ceramic Filter

      AquaCera CeraUltra ceramic water filters offer the highest filtration efficiencies available in a ceramic based filter element. The W9512550 has a ceramic pre-filter shell outside and a post-filter carbon block insert inside which combines powdered carbon blends and Zeolite forming a tightly packed matrix. Suspended solids are removed and pathogenic bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, chlorine, lead, mercury and VOCs are reduced by the AquaCera W9512550.
      • Cartridge is only open on one end to prevent water by-pass
      • Fits Standard 10" Filter Housings and Countertop Filter Systems
      • Filter Capacity: 1200 gallons
      • Removes 99.99% of pathogenic organisms (including E. Coli, Giardia, Cryptosporidium, etc)
      • Chlorine, lead, mercury, aluminum, iron, hydrogen sulfide, VOCs and more are removed

  1. AquaCera OBE 10" Imperial CeraUltra Ceramic Filter Specifications:

    • Filter Application: Bacteria Reduction, Chlorine (taste, odor), Cyst, Hydrogen Sulfide, Iron, Lead, Mercury, Sediment (dirt, rust), VOC
    • Cartridge Style: Drop in
    • Micron Rating (nominal): .5 -.8µm
    • Micron Rating (absolute): .9 µm
    • Manufacturer: AquaCera
    • Dimensions: 9-3/4"L x 2.75" D
    • Operating Pressure: Max 125 psi
    • Flow Rate: .8 -1.5" psi
    • Temperature Rating: 40 -100 ºF
    • Capacity: 1200 gallons
    • CTO Reduction Capacity: 4600 gallons
    • VOC Reduction Capacity: 620 gallons
    • Lead Reduction Capacity: 1200 gallons
    • Change Frequency: 12 Months
    • Filter Media: Ceramic, Zeolite, Carbon Block
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