Replacement Water Filters

replacement water filters

Is it Time to Replace Your Water Filter?

Because of bacteria, it is critical to replace your drinking water filter regularly to keep your water healthy and tasting its best. To do so, follow the manufacturer's recommended replacement schedule closely, even if you do not filter all of the water that a given filter is designed to handle before changing. Why? Bacteria! The moment any unfiltered water touches one of your filters, bacteria are captured. Filters do not kill the bacteria; instead, bacteria are trapped. In time, they multiply to a point that the filter is no longer able to effectively control them. This is usually the 6 month point.

Sediment filters should be replaced every 6 months as should most carbon filters. Reverse osmosis membranes are able to handle more because there are normally a few pre-filters before bacteria get to them. Follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as to when to change specific filters in your system.

As well, you can always sign up for our autoship filter replacement program, eFilter Auto Refresh, where we do all the thinking for you. No remembering to replace your filters, no figuring out which of your filters needs to be replaced when, no hassle of ordering. We ship you just the filter(s) you need, when you need it. It's that easy!

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