Waterworks 487197 EZ Coliform Cult - MUG Bacteria Test

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    • Waterworks 487197 EZ Coliform Cult - MUG Bacteria Test Features:

      The Waterworks 487197 EZ Coliform Cult - MUG Bacteria Test will test for the  presence or absence of E. coli and total coliform in water. The test detects an enzyme produced by coliform bacteria and a specific enzyme produced by E. coli. The Coliform Cult media is pre-sterilized by gamma irradiation, and is supplied in a 120ml bottle with screw cap.

      • Tests for E. coli and coliform bacteria 
      • Media will turn clear yellow if coliform is absent and blue-green if present
      • Great choice for service technicians and home owners
      • Get results in only 48 hours with no incubation required

      Note: To confirm the presence of E. coli, you will need to purchase the Handheld NVF-4 UV Light.

  1. Waterworks 487197 EZ Coliform Cult - MUG Bacteria Test Specifications:

    • Number of tests included:
    • Detection levels: coliform bacteria: 1 colony per 100mL
    • Test type: bacteria
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