Undersink Sump vs. Quick Change

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Undersink – Sump Style or Quick Change, Which is Better for You?

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Traditional sump-style vs quick change – how much effort do you want to expend maintaining your water filter system? Let us show you what is involved in maintaining the two available versions of carbon undersink water filters so you can choose which will work best for you.

In addition to making our water safer to drink, under sink and under counter water purification and water filtration systems are a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative to expensive bottled water.

  Quick Change Style Undersink Water Filter Traditional Sump Style Undersink Water Filter

Quick Change Style Under Sink Water Filter System Traditional Sump Style Under Sink Water Filter System


Disposable, Greatest Convenience and
Super Easy on Folks Who Aren't Plumbers!

Somewhat Lower Price, But Harder
to Maintain Because More Prone to Leaks and Higher Frequency of Filter Changes

Price Range (on average):

System Cost: $129-$345
Filter Cost Over 2 Years: $206-$240

System Cost: $131-$163
Filter Cost Over 2 Years: $165-$232

Effort Required to Change Filters:
Quick Change Style Reverse Osmosis System

A simple 1/4 turn "off" with the old filter
A 2nd 1/4 turn "on" with new filter
and you're done!

(No leaks because O-rings are changed
with every filter change)

SUPER simple!

Sump Style Reverse Osmosis System

1) Loosen housing with housing wrench
2) Empty water from housing
3) Clean/wash inside of filter housings
4) Inspect O-Ring for wear/replace and lubricate
5) Screw housing back on (but not too tight!)
6) Watch for leaks!

Filtering Ability:

Comparable to Sump Style Systems

Comparable to Quick Change Style Systems