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Lowes®, Home Depot®, Costco® or eFilterWater?


You're shopping for a water filter and just want some help.  Where do you turn?  You walk in to Home Depot, Costco or Lowe’s and are greeted by a friendly associate who directs you to the plumbing department.  You look at the display water filter systems and then have some questions.  You look for someone to answer your questions...and look...and wait. Joe, from Paint, or Suzie from Pet Supplies eventually comes over and willingly listens to your questions, which you ask hesitantly, because you doubt he/she knows water filters. Your concerns prove true. Joe/Suzie is no help. So now what? You still have questions that must be answered before you can place your order.

Sound familiar?

At eFilterWater, all we do is water filter and purifier systems. Our Water Filter Experts are qualified to give you the answers you need to your questions. We can significantly help you know what's best for your situation and we will even place your order for you. What's more, our experts will give you straight answers to best help you. Something that you won't find at Lowe’s, Costco or Home Depot.

Think this level of help costs a lot?
Think again. Most people think they will get a great deal and pay the lowest prices on a water filter from Home Depot, Costco and Lowe’s. Regrettably, they end up paying more for their water filter. Just price shop us and see for yourself. Home Depot, Costco and Lowe’s prices are higher than eFilterWater. Usually much higher. We compare our prices with theirs regularly. As well, at Costco, if you don't already have a membership, you have to pay an additional $55.

Available when you have questions
We know you want responsive service at a price you can afford when you need it. We are available when you have questions, M-F 8:30 am to 7:00 pm CT and Sat 10-4. Just browse our website, or contact us via phone at (800) 779-1340, LiveChat, or email.

At eFilterWater you get competent advice and significantly better service, at a lower price, when you need it.

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