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Water Filter Brand Comparison

Quickly scan through the various brands of water filter systems to find the one that's right for you. Our goal at eFilterWater is to provide you with the best tools and resources possible to allow you to make an educated and well-informed purchase. There are many brands and manufacturers of water filters. The chart below evaluates:

  • Pricing: Considering the cost of the unit is only one aspect of a water filter purchase. The cost and frequency of replacement filters must also be factored into the evaluation.
  • Performance: While the unit may state it is NSF certified, what is the size of the smallest particles removed from your water? We evaluate this in our brand comparison review.
  • Satisfaction: Learn which brands are favorites with consumers just like you.
  • Reliability: Before deciding on which water filter to purchase, it is critical to understand the manufacturer's warranty. Not only the length of the warranty, but what it includes.

Brand Type(s)
Price Range Micron Rating Cost of Replacement Filters Warranty
Countertop $70 - $100 .5 - 5 mic Low 1 year
Countertop RO,
RO Water Coolers
$700 - $1,300 0.0001 mic Medium 1 year
Undersink, Undersink RO $130 - $350 .0001 - .3 mic Medium 1 year
Undersink, Undersink RO $195 - $780 .0001 - 1 mic Medium Up to 10 year
Undersink $75 - $346 .5 - 5 mic Medium 2 year
Watts Premier
Undersink, Undersink RO $190 - $243 .0001 - 0.3 mic Medium 1 year
Water Coolers $365 N/A N/A 1 year
Undersink RO $170 - $227 .0001 mic Low 1 year