Lead Water Filters

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About Lead Water Contamination

There are a few ways lead can contaminate your home's water supply. In some cases, lead that is used in the manufacturing process gets mixed in as metallurgical waste. If this water is not properly filtered and processed it can find its way into ground water and other water sources such as lakes, rivers and streams. One of the more common ways lead finds its way into our homes drinking water is a result of corroding lead solder used to assemble copper piping.

The human body is not equipped to handle high levels of lead being ingested from water or any other source. In large amounts, lead can cause serious damage to our bodies such as damage to the brain, kidneys, nervous system, and red blood cells. Thankfully, the EPA has labeled lead to be a highly toxic metal that poses a serious health risk and has set standards for water treatment facilities. Currently the EPA has set a limit of 0.05 mg/l as an allowable amount of lead to be found in drinking water.

Lead Water Filters & Systems

eFilter Water offers a selection of different lead home water filter systems that can dramatically reduce, if not almost totally remove, any lead from your drinking water. Different home water filtration types have different reduction capabilities, from activated carbon filter systems to reverse osmosis water filter systems that can remove 94 to 98 % of lead from your water. If you need more assistance finding the right home water filtration system to reduce lead from your home's water supply, contact one of eFilterWater’s Certified Water Specialists to assist you.

Carbon Lead Water Filter Systems Carbon Water Filtration Systems

Filtering Effectiveness: Good
Installation: Quick 20 min, by a Novice
Price Range: $55.98 - $345.99
Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems

Filtering Effectiveness: Better
Installation: Quick 30-35 min, by a Novice
Price Range: $169.99 - $779.99