eFilterWater Helps Rebuild Lives on “Disaster Guy” New A&E Television Series Helps Families Displaced by Natural Disasters Return to Their Homes

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AUSTIN, TX – September 13, 2011 – Natural disasters disrupt families and impact lives. For the homeowners featured in the new A&E television series “Disaster Guy,” Mother Nature’s wrath comes in many forms—from tornadoes and hurricanes to floods and fires. In the series, disaster guy Steve Frasher and his expert team of builders and designers work tirelessly to rebuild homes in as little as seven days—often bigger and better than they were previously. To help support the homeowners featured in “Disaster Guy,” eFilterWater teamed up with A&E Networks to provide the most effective reverse osmosis drinking water filtration system for each new home.

The pilot episode of “Disaster Guy,” which aired on September 10, connects Steve Frasher with the Cameron family whose Brownstown, Michigan home was struck by lightning and ultimately destroyed by fire. In as little as seven days, Frasher and his team restored the disaster-stricken home with as many of the original materials as possible, all the while dealing with a constant barrage of hazards and extremely dangerous situations that are a direct result of natural disasters.

“When A&E asked us to donate to the first series of ‘Disaster Guy’ with our drinking water filtration systems, we were immediately on board”, said Linda Lee, CEO, eWaterFilter. It is a great opportunity for us to offer healthier drinking water, and a little peace of mind, to disaster-affected families rebuilding their lives in their new homes.”

Rebuilding a home in seven days leaves little room for error. The under-sink Watts 11” Elements 4 Filter Quick Change Reverse Osmosis Water Purifier system from eFilterWater was easy to install, which allowed the designers to direct their attention to other more time-intensive projects.

“eFilterWater was easy to work with and very professional,” explained Kevin Weinstock, designer for “Disaster Guy.” “From beginning to end, I would request what I needed and within a week’s time it was here. The product quality was phenomenal and installation was simple, which made my job easy when it came to final crunch time,” he continued. “I will definitely use eFilterWater in my own home and would recommend eFilterWater to anyone looking for a drinking water filtration system or replacement filters.”

For more details about the “Disaster Guy” series, visit http://www.aetv.com/disaster-guy.

Learn about the Watts drinking water filtration system featured on “Disaster Guy” by clicking here.

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