eFilterWater Auto Refresh Program

"Now THAT was easy!
Remembering to change
my filters used to be
such a hassle... but not anymore! Now I don't even have to think about it..."
- Ann Jones, Newport, RI

Change Filters to Keep Your Water Healthy!


Yes, you could buy ahead, but then you still have to remember when to change your filters and know which one to change. AND you have to remember where you put the filters you bought ahead of time.

You may say, "But I did not use all the water the cartridge is meant to filter." When activated carbon filters come in contact with water for the first time, bacteria that comes in contact with them is filtered out and begins to slowly grow inside your filter system. This is not a problem for up to six months because your filter is designed to handle up to six month's worth of bacterial growth. Beyond that though, your filter becomes overwhelmed and it just cannot handle more. Whether you have used the allowable capacity of your carbon filters or not, change them to keep your water healthy and tasting great!

See what others are saying...

I used to buy filters ahead of time, but I kept forgetting to change them. My husband became my reminder. I knew I needed to change the filters when he started complaining that the water tasted funny. Something needed to change. I finally signed up for eFilter Auto Refresh earlier this year. Our first replacement filters came today. I opened them, watched the video and changed them. This was so easy and SO much better. I should have done this when I bought our water filter! 

- Lucy J. Modesto, CA

What a PAIN! I kept forgetting to get replacement filters. Today, I finally ordered them from eFilterWater and saw this eFilter Auto Refresh program - I don't have to remember ever again. I just signed up. What a relief! 

- John G. Atlanta, GA

I signed up for eFilter Auto Refresh a while ago after I kept forgetting to change our filters. These guys are really good. They do exactly what they tell you they will. Our water filter needs 3 filters. I get just the filters that I need to change with a video that reminds me how to change them. How easy is that!. 

- Ann C. Norfolk, VA